Lets set the scene…

Imagine you work for an organisation that runs a service providing support to disabled people and people living with long term health conditions. Your organisation promotes choice and independence, your activities include; teaching life skills, vocational support, improving confidence and general wellbeing.

You recognise that your participants are part of a marginalised group who rarely have their voices heard and you want to empower them to express their views, share their experiences and at the same time learn new transferable skills… so we meet.

What we will do

After meeting with us, we devise a bespoke workshop based project that meets the needs of your organisation and the people you support. In the workshops we will teach participants a broad range of technical and communication skills with a flexible approach to learning. It is led by the participants and is person centred; it focuses on stimulating their interests and achieving their desired learning outcomes.

We might run a series of weekly workshops held at your venue, over a 3 month period. Each workshop runs for half a day, with groups of up to 6 people per workshop.


Participants will have the opportunity to use a variety of equipment that we provide for each workshop:

  • 3 x video cameras
  • 3 x tripods
  • 3 x microphone & boom kit
  • 1 x 3 point lighting kit
  • A more advanced camera option for those who feel confident to take their skills further.

Extras (Limited Offer)

Arrange a workshop project now and for the duration of the project we will provide your organisation with a computer complete with editing software, a video camera, tripod, microphone and mic stand so that participants may continue with tasks and develop skills when we are not present.


As well as the broad range of benefits the project has on the participant’s confidence and wellbeing, it teaches them essential digital skills. The project also produces participant led, short films which showcase the work, activities and services that take place at your organisation.

In addition, throughout the course of workshops, the participants talk to each other on camera and film each other whilst learning, which produces valuable qualitative material which form part of your project’s evaluation.

  • People will have improved communication and life skills
  • Participants will become more active citizens, with a stronger voice within the community.
  • People will connect with peers using digital content
  • Your organisations profile will be raised within the local community
  • The wide reach of film gives you the oportunityto raise your organisations profile nationally and internationally

Project Cost

In this example we have detailed a viable project that we can provide. Feel free to use this example to apply for funding to deliver this project at your organisation.

The cost of providing the filmmaking workshops project, as described above (1 day per week over a three month period, including the provision of equipment and editing ) will be: £3,995

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