Our Terms

Pageant productions is the trading name of Gary Jarman and Pageant Productions provides digital video production services. In these terms ‘Pageant Productions’ will mean Gary Jarman.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Gary Jarman these conditions shall be deemed to apply to all services and offers by Pageant Productions (Gary Jarman).

Pageant Productions reserves the right to subcontract any of the work undertaken on behalf of the customer.

We will agree the aims of each video production project with the client at the planning stage and confirm these aims with the client in writing. Prior to any filming or production work taking place, we will provide the client with a project proposal and / or rough storyboard and / or proposed production schedule for each filming project so that all parties can agree on how the project will be delivered.

All specifications, project proposals and rough storyboards provided to the client from Pageant Productions prior to production work taking place are approximate and subject to revision if for creative and or practical reasons, circumstances dictate a different approach should be taken. We reserve the right to deviate from the project proposal / storyboard in such circumstances. At all times Pageant Productions will be working to achieve the agreed aims of the production and any decision to deviate from the project proposal or storyboard will be in support of those aims and explained to the client. Any deviations we consider to be significant will be discussed with the the client prior to making those devotions except in circumstances that don’t allow those conversations to take place. If the client feels specific elements of each proposal must be included in the final production then this should be expressed in writing by the client to Pageant Productions and agreed in writing by both parties PRIOR to filming taking place.

The customer shall be responsible for the the accuracy of all information including project proposals and storyboards submitted by Pageant Productions to the customer for checking and approval. This includes artwork, text and video edits.

The client must at all times give a clear brief to Pageant Productions and ensure that all the facts given as part of the brief are accurate and in no way misleading. Should the client change their requirements from the agreed brief then additional costs may be incurred but he client.

Pageant Productions will provide an estimate for work to be carried out prior to any service delivery and no further work will commence on the project until the customer has acknowledged and accepted the costs and agreed this in writing with Pageant Productions. At this time the client will have accepted the estimate and any further alterations to costs desired by either party must be agreed in writing.

We will make available a draft version of the film for the clients approval and any minor revisions. Significant revisions made to the edit or revisions that require further filming are likely to incur an additional cost except in circumstances where it can be shown that Pageant Productions has not met the stated aims of the video production.

Unless otherwise agreed PRIOR to commencing any video production work, the final digital video will be provided to the customer for web use in full 1080p HD resolution (1920 x 1080 progressive scan). The video file will be a digital file made available to download from Dropbox in MPEG 2 format. H264 compression at 15 mbps.

50% of the agreed amount due for each project must be payed in advance of the project commencing.

The balance of the agreed amount due must be paid within 10 business days of completion of the project.

Pageant Productions (Gary Jarman) has public liability insurance and a certificate can be provided on request.

These terms are updated regularly and were last amended on: 14/6/2017. An up to date copy is available on our website at https://www.pageantproductions.co.uk/film-production-terms