A filmmaking club for adults with learning disabilities

Our Voice is a constituted charitable group that aims to give a voice to those marginalised in society.

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Malcolm Jarman, Our Voice trustee

Malcolm Jarman


Laura Dunne, Our Voice trustee

Laura Dunne


Rosie Russell, Our Voice trustee

Rosie Russell


Gary Jarman from Pageant Productions in Dorchester

Gary Jarman

Welcome! Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic Our Voice Filmmaking Club has been unable to meet in person. Before Lockdown we managed to meet for about 6 sessions and we've been learning a few different skills, including planning a story, using light wisely, and using cutaways.

We have decided to continue building on this, running the club online using web video software. We will meet for 2 hours each week and Pageant Productions will support members to make films from home.


Kerry makes her first film, to say thank you.

Members are encouraged to use film as a way of expressing themselves. Kerry had a positive experience recently and what better way to have her voice heard than making a film about it. This is Kerry's first film.

Jacks Lockdown Diary

Jack is a member of Our Voice filmmaking club. In this video he shows us what he has been doing in a week of lockdown. After loosing a lot of weight recently, he's been doing a lot to keep fit.

Our first virtual filmmaking club

This is a picture of our first virtual filmmaking club happening. We all really enjoyed getting together again, even if we couldn't share out biscuits! Members have some great ideas for films that they want to make over the next few weeks. Pageant Productions will be supporting them. Each Our Voice member has access the the basic membership pages on the Pageant Productions site where they'll find tutorials, downloads and forums. Find out more

Pageant Productions running filmmaking club over Zoom

Jack turns to video when his trip is cancelled

In March 2020, Our Voice Filmmaking Club member Jack, was due to travel to the UN in New York, to speak at a conference held by Down Syndrome International. Unfortunately the conference had to be cancelled due to Covid 19. That didn't stop Jack from having his voice heard though. We supported Jack and Laura Kerr, from People First Dorset, to make a film of their presentation so that they could send it to Down syndrome International. You can watch the film Jack made here.

The groups very first video

To put our new skills into practice the group made a short film telling the story: How to make a cup of tea.

Some of our group have been learning this independent living skill recently. Jack & James discuss how Jack has learned to make a cup of tea. Nick directed this video while Chris filmed it. Sound was monitored by Kerry and Adrienne

The group filmed this on a Canon XA10 video camera and used a Rode shotgun mic for sound.

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