There are plenty of times when simply filming an event is not enough, you wan't to broadcast it to the wider world and those unable to attend. For situations like this, use Pageant Productions Live Streaming. 





what is live streaming?

When we refer to live streaming, we are talking about simultaneously recording and broadcasting video in real time online. Of course many live streams incorporate pre-recorded video elements played back on the stream which is easily managed. We also broadcast entirely pr-recorded shows for clients, this falls under our live-streaming services.

We can broadcast the live stream to a number of platforms including YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch and Linked in.... and all at the same time if required! You also have the option of embedding the live stream into your own website. 

why live streaming?


Live streaming is a great way to engage with people that you may not have been able to reach before or who may not be able to attend your event or workshop. 

One of the key benefits of live streaming and something we impress on our clients is that, through comments and chat, you have the opportunity to interact with your audience. This engages with your audience in a way other video content does not. It's fun and viewers truly feel part of something.

how can i use live streaming?

share your special moments with those who can't be there

add attendees to your conference or presentation

add a virtual element to your live event or festival

can't i just live stream from my smartphone?

Social media platforms make it easy for you to live stream from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It's a great way to reach your audience and interact with people in real time as they watch your live stream. While there are many situations where this will work great from your smartphone, and indeed we encourage it, there are also plenty of situations when a more managed, multi camera production is required. Thats where we come in. We will help you plan, set up and produce your live stream production, taking multiple video and audio feeds to one point and mixing live for your broadcast. We can also add graphics, overlays, titles and pre recorded media in to your live stream. 


what does it cost?

One of the first questions we are often asked, before any requirements are discussed is: "How much does a live stream or film cost?" Unfortunately the bespoke nature of our work makes this a difficult question to answer without further discussion. There's a lot that can affect the cost of your project.

We understand that the budget to produce content will often be tight. We will work with you and discuss your requirements to make sure that you get the most from your money. Although we are unable to provide a price list 'set in stone', We have tried to display a rough guide to pricing below that may be subject to change depending on your requirements.  Alternatively, find out how you can spread the cost of our services with Flexi Film.

The Basics
  • 3 static cameras
  • single audio source
  • technician
  • vision mixing 
  • streaming to one platform
  • internet connection provided by client
  • provision of a basic graphics set
Up to 2 hrs Live Streaming - £300

Up to 4 hrs Live Streaming - £500

Up to 8 hrs Live Streaming - £800

added production value

  • pre production meeting
  • producer
  • 2 static cameras
  • 1 manned camera
  • pre recorded video input
  • multiple audio sources
  • technician
  • vision mixing 
  • streaming on up to 3 platforms
  • internet connection provided by client
  • provision of a graphics set 

Up to 2 hrs Live Streaming - £425

Up to 4 hrs Live Streaming - £650

Up to 8 hrs Live Streaming - £1,000