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As a business that has so far survived the COVID pandemic, we want to do something to support businesses who are struggling to return by offering a simple web video. If your business or organisation has been badly affected by covid, you can apply here.


we're starting to view things differently...

... from the sky

From January 2021 we are adding a UAV (drone) to our kit bag. Now when we're telling your story, we can add that special production value that only aerial shots provide! We took the above shots over Weymouth Bay for you to enjoy.

helping you tell your story

Video is highly engaging and one of the most effective forms of content marketing. We work with a diverse range of clients, producing video, live streaming and supporting people to make their own content however, at the core of Pageant Productions is a passion for engaging with and empowering people within our communities whose voices are seldom heard, through the medium of film.

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Using WeTransfer
Our Latest School Video
Lockdown Music Video
working with citizens advice

While building our video production business we are also on a social mission to create opportunities for marginalised groups, to share their experiences and influence the move towards a fairer and more equal society.

find out more about our voice filmmaking club

a film we made for implicit

A lot of our work is done with voluntary sector organisations, independent groups and the public sector. However, our knowledge and skills mean we have a lot to offer the business community.

We deliver high quality film production to a diverse range of business customers.

filmmaking tutorials & support

We have created a whole new membership section of the website. This section is dedicated to supporting you to make better videos for yourself, or your organisation, using technology that's easy to access!

If however, you need additional support, we offer our services to anyone who would like us to edit projects, produce motion graphics, closed captions or subtitles.


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Win a Free Video For Your Organisation!

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are delaying the start of this competition.

Once the pandemic has passed and things have returned to normal, we will occasionally be choosing names from subscribers to our newsletter to take part in a competition. If you are selected, a member of our team will put on a blindfold and throw darts at our office dartboard. If they hit a bullseye, you will win a free short video for your organisation!

For a better chance, we invite you to throw the darts yourself, without a blindfold!

The competition is open to organisations in Dorset only. Results will be announced on social media, you can find us on instagram, facebook and Twitter. The number of darts you get depends on how many of our social media channels you follow.

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Flexi Film is a way you can get regular, great quality web video content for an affordable price. Spread the cost of video production with this pay monthly service.

Budget constraints can make producing regular video content seem impossible. Even one-off productions can be expensive and how many times can you share the same film?

Flexi Film is an affordable way to spread the cost of film production, that allows you to use the time of a filmmaker flexibly and effectively and maximise the number of videos you can produce on a minimal budget.

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Our Voice Logo

Filmmaking Club

We have been learning a few different skills already, including planning a story, using light wisely, and using cutaways. To put these skills into practice the group made a short film telling the story: How to make a cup of tea. Some of the group have been learning this independent living skill recently. Jack & James discuss how Jack has learned to make a cup of tea. 


Training Films

The perfect way to engage with trainees, these films are a fantastic, cost effective resource that can be used over and over again.

Promotional Films

Easily shared online, video is a great way to capture attention and promote your business, product or service. It can be done cheap.

Product Videos

Demonstrate your product with a video. We can help you make product videos, instructional films and video tutorials.


Do you need help telling a story? Film is one of the best methods of storytelling and we can help you do that.

Wedding Video

Capture all the important elements of your perfect day with a video by made by our multi-camera, 2 person team.


Key to many of the videos we make, a good interview can be vital to communicating your message effectively.


Adding beautiful timelapse photography elements to your films can really boost the visual interest for your audience.


Making your films accessible to everyone is important and we can produce BSL interpretation & closed captions for your films.

Video / film production, live streaming, tutorials and support in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport, Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Alton, Salisbury, Taunton, Bristol, Bath, .