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Not only do we produce great video, we also support you to make better video content. If you're looking for help to create digital content, then look no further.

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As a member you will have access to video tutorials and downloadable resources.  Our membership area is suitable for individuals and organisations with little to no filmmaking experience who want to make better films using smartphones, tablets and DSLRs.  

We have created a series of tutorial videos that take you through the basics. Learn what frame rate is, how to compose a shot, how to get better audio, what programs are available to edit your video, how to animate with stop motion, the list goes on. We will be adding to this library tutorials regularly and encourage you to let us know what it is you would like to learn so that we can include content useful to you in the tutorials we make.

If you want us to give access to a team of people within your organisation, we can also create bespoke team memberships.

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Sound & Microphones
The Media Panel
Using WeTransfer
3 – Importing Clips & Timeline
filming a piece to camera – mobile device


Due the the COVID-19 pandemic we have suspended all workshops for the time being. We will update this section when things change. If you are interested in workshops then please subscribe to our mailing list and we will announce their recommencement.

We have been exploring how we can deliver an e-learning programme that people can follow at home, regular sessions over a 4 - 6 week period. If this is of interest and you would like to discuss it further then please email support@pageantproductions

online support £35 per session

We have always believed that anybody can make a film if they want too. Increasingly accessible equipment and the means to distribute it on video sharing platforms and social media, mean that with a little advice and support, you could be making some engaging content. The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with the opportunity to explore other avenues for providing this support.

We have introduced online support using Zoom. We built a small corner studio for this purpose and after installing some of our livestream kit, we can facilitate multi-cam Zoom calls, switching to a view of our learning whiteboard, equipment we want to show, examples and even a feed from our editing suite.

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