studio space

New in 2020, our studio space provides us with extra space to film. Lined with black drapes and featuring a curved paintable wall, paper roll backgrounds, green screen and corner set pieces, we hope to be able to offer greater efficiency and convenience to our clients, as well as added production value and additional services, like product videos.

available to hire

In recent months we've had many conversations with people who want to make better quality videos for themselves but don't have the space, the kit or the know how. We already have our online membership which gives members access to tutorials and support but from the end of October 2020 we will be offering the studio space, it's kit and a filmmaker to hire by the hour or day.

So we'll be honest, our studio is not a huge space with a never ending supply of kit, but it will be suitable for those who want somewhere to showcase a product, film interviews, do pieces to camera, small sketches, social media videos, webinars, live streams, presentations and more. The studio comes with:

  • Two Canon XA10 video cameras
  • One Canon C100 MKII Video Camera
  • One Teleprompter Setup
  • Four continuous lighting soft boxes
  • One Behringer  X32 16 channel digital rack mixer
  • Two Audio Technica Pro 45 hanging microphones
  • One Sennheiser lapel mic setup
  • One Rode shotgun microphone
  • One Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro Vision Mixer
  • 1 x 40" plasma display screen & stand
  • 8' x 4'  false brick wall panel
  • Clean 8' x 4' wall panel
  • Blue photography paper roll
  • 6 x RGB LED Spots
  • Cables and converters
  • Production computer with Open Broadcaster Software

hire cost - studio space, equipment & technician

£50 per hour

£350 per day

If you are interested in making use of the space without equipment or a technician, please give us a call. 01305 561564

thank you


We would like to say a quick thank you to Dorchester Arts, M3 Productions, Fuelled by Cider and Future Media; for the support they gave us when setting up our new studio space. #pageantstudiospace

book our studio space

Use the options below to book your studio time. If you wish to view the space for suitability before hand then please get in touch with us to arrange this. Once you have booked our space we will call you to discuss your requirements. We will also send you an invoice for payment. This must be paid in full prior to using our space.