Gary Jarman

"Making great films isn't about having great kit... it's about having great people"
Gary Jarman Filming

Gary Jarman, the founder of Pageant Productions, is an experienced and skilled filmmaker with a deep understanding of all aspects of video production. Throughout his career, he has traveled to various locations in Europe, where he has led live streaming of events.

In recent years, Gary has dedicated much of his work to voluntary sector organisations and community action projects. This involvement has ignited his passion for working within his local community and using his skills to empower individuals whose voices are often overlooked. Gary possesses a strong sense of social justice and a profound belief in the power of film as a tool for empowering marginalised groups.

Gary's approach to working with vulnerable people is characterised by sensitivity and perceptiveness. This approach has shaped Pageant Productions into a value-led business, making it the ideal choice for video production among voluntary sector organisations. Gary's familiarity and understanding of the health and social care system further contribute to the company's ability to effectively communicate the stories and messages of marginalised communities.

With Gary's leadership and dedication to community empowerment, Pageant Productions thrives as a company that values social impact and strives to amplify the voices of those who are often unheard.


Elliot Millson


"It's a privilege to be able to tell other peoples stories with film"

Elliot Millson is a natural talent in the realm of filmmaking and cinematography. He began working with Pageant Productions at the age of 15, showcasing his innate abilities in the craft. Over time, Elliot's skills and passion for filmmaking have propelled him to collaborate on various projects with different individuals, establishing himself as a respected cinematographer in his own right.

Elliot's expertise extends to gimbal operation, demonstrating a high standard of quality and consistency in his work. Additionally, he possesses a strong understanding of sound, emphasising the importance of audio in capturing captivating visual narratives.

As an award-winning cinematographer, Elliot Millson hails from Dorset, located on the south coast of England. His early filmmaking endeavours involved creating Aardman-inspired stop-frame animations from the age of nine. Eventually transitioning to live action, Elliot now collaborates with multiple directors and serves as the in-house filmmaker for OffPiste Theatre.

Elliot's talent and dedication have garnered recognition within the industry. In 2022, he received a nomination for Best Cinematography at the Romford Film Festival, highlighting his exceptional work behind the camera. Furthermore, his contributions were acknowledged with the Best Cinematographer award at the National Youth Film Awards in the same year.

With Elliot's contributions, Pageant Productions benefits from his exceptional cinematographic skills, artistic vision, and commitment to delivering high-quality work. His growth and achievements serve as a testament to his talent and dedication to the craft of filmmaking.


Emily Rosa


"I want to help people connect with their communities"

Introducing Emily, our talented trainee filmmaker at Pageant Productions. With a keen eye for creativity and a genuine passion for her craft, Emily is currently studying photography and environment and ecology at college. Her unique blend of creative production and appreciation for the natural landscape allows her to infuse artistic elements into her work.

Emily shares Pageant Productions' values and firmly believes in the power of film to reach a wider audience and empower individuals to have their voices heard and stories told. Combining her skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm, Emily aspires to contribute to the company's mission of community empowerment and meaningful storytelling.

As a quick learner, Emily has been actively engaged in acquiring filmmaking techniques and mastering editing skills during her time with Pageant Productions. Her dedication and eagerness to learn make her an invaluable asset to the team.

With Emily's creative mindset, technical proficiency, and alignment with Pageant Productions' vision, she brings a fresh perspective and a vibrant energy to every project she works on. Her ability to merge her artistic sensibilities with the power of film allows her to capture authentic and compelling stories.

As Emily continues to develop her skills and expand her knowledge in the field of filmmaking, she is poised to make a significant impact on Pageant Productions' ability to reach and connect with diverse audiences. With her dedication and creative flair, Emily is an essential member of the team, helping to empower individuals and communities to share their stories and be heard.


Sam Sach


"It takes brave person to share their story"

Introducing Sam, our newest team member at Pageant Productions. Sam is a versatile and compassionate individual with a deep-rooted interest in building stronger communities. With a background as a trained mental health first aider, Sam is passionate about fostering a society that encourages open and honest conversations surrounding mental health.

Having graduated from BU Film, Sam recognises the immense value of getting involved in the local community. This realisation drew him to Pageant Productions, where the company's values strongly resonate with their own. Sam shares a commitment to uplifting communities, holding a genuine care for individuals, and embracing the power of storytelling.

With his well-rounded skill set, Sam brings a diverse range of talents to the team. His expertise extends beyond filmmaking, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of mental health support and the importance of fostering an inclusive environment. By combining his passion for community development and storytelling, Sam aims to contribute to Pageant Productions' mission of empowering individuals and amplifying their stories.

Sam's presence is a valuable asset to our team, as his dedication to community upliftment and genuine concern for people align perfectly with our core values. Their ability to connect with individuals and capture their stories in a compassionate and authentic manner is a testament to their commitment to meaningful filmmaking.

As Sam embarks on their journey with Pageant Productions, he is eager to make a positive impact, engage with communities, and play an active role in uplifting voices that are often unheard. With his passion, skills, and shared values, Sam adds a valuable dimension to our team, strengthening our mission of empowering individuals and communities through the power of storytelling.

Collaborating with other creative professionals enables us to offer a fantastic and comprehensive service including professional aerial cinematography, steady cam operation, live sound recording and mixing, set design and building and much more. Here are some of the people we work with...

Chip Mead

Technician, set builder, grip, general troubleshooter... Chip is all of these. An experienced grip, working on countless TV productions, Chip has also spent many years set-building and problem solving in professional theatre.

James Mitchel

James is the creative director at Vesta Productions and is a man with an unlimited reserve of creative ideas. An experienced lighting designer and technician, James will bring a creative flare to every project he works on.