Our Projects

VSO filming

On this page we will introduce you to filmmaking projects we want to set up. These are projects that fit with our core beliefs and social goals and they are projects that we would like you, to help fund!

By donating to help fund these projects  you will be helping us try to achieve our mission to create opportunities for marginalised groups, to share their experiences and influence the move towards a fairer and more equal society.

So How Does It Work?

Select the project that interests you to find out more about it. If you want to pledge money you can fill out a pledge form. When we hit the project target we will collect the money and begin to deliver that project. You will receive regular updates as well as a full final evaluation report on the project, evaluating it's outcomes and detailing how the money has been spent. 

Pageant Productions Film SetWe are looking for pledges from individuals, local authorities and local businesses who want to support engaging community projects and we will be happy to publicise your involvement. Some individual projects may be able to offer additional benefits which will be set out on that projects page.

A frequent question may be; "Is Pageant Productions a Charity, CIC or social enterprise?" Well the short answer is no, we are a small business with a strong sense of community and we want to play an active role engaging with and empowering marginalised people in our communities. Much of our work is within the voluntary sector, providing filmmaking services, workshops and training.

We can be trusted

We take our integrity very seriously and transparency is very important to us. For most projects we will ask indepentent individuals or groups to evaluate our projects. Our long term goal is to bring some of these projects together, forming a Community Interest Company to deliver them. This projects page is the beginning while we "test the water". Money donated by you or your organisation to fund projects will be ring-fenced from the rest of our business, accounted for and reported on. We will be upfront about how the money will be spent before you make your pledge. 

We currently have one project you can support, The 'Our Voice' Filmmaking Club...

Our Voice Filmmaking Club

Filmmaking Club

This is our primary and ongoing project. In September 2019 we want to start a filmmaking club in our home town of Dorchester for adults with learning disabilities.

This regular club will teach skills and support people to make their own films about the things that matter to them. We have several targets with the medium term goal of starting a website that can host members films. This could be used as tool for feeding back to authorites & partnership boards. Over time our long term goal would would be to role this project out in other towns. This project is scalable and based on workshops and clubs we have already trialed. We hope also at some stage to deliver workshops in day oportunities and schools.

Our Targets

We hope to rasie £9500 towards developing and delivering 35 workshops over a period of one year to a group of participants with learning disabilities in Dorchester. We have formed a link with People First Dorset who will advertise workshops to their members and also evaluate the project.