Projects we would love to do....

We would like to develop an arts and culture live-streaming project with Artsreach.

Last year we worked with Artsreach on a pilot idea to live-stream their event 'Tea with William Barnes' from The Exchange at Sturminster Newton in Dorset. The aim of the pilot was to make the performance more accessible, trying to reach an isolated audience. We contacted a number of care homes and arranged for them to take part in the event. At the interval audience members were served with tea and cake and we arranged for the same thing to happen at the same time in participating care homes. Performers addressed the online audience directly and we managed a chat feature to interact with viewers. All in all the pilot was a success with a high quality livestream being washed in 5 care homes with an audience of about 50 residents. There were also 220 views from the wider public in Dorset and globally. You can view a recording of the livestream below:

Artsreach share similar values with Pageant Productions of inclusivity, empowerment and collaboration. We would like to build on this pilot together, developing a project that enables Artsreach to livestream performances, extending their reach and making music, theatre and culture more accessible to those marginalised in society. The project would work directly with care homes, day opportunities, hospitals, hospices and more.

29% of Dorset's population are aged 65+ compared to 18% for England, a number expected to grow. We know that older and disabled people are more likely to experience loneliness and isolation. This project would help to address this growing problem.