Video for Social Media

We recently made an evaluation film for Activate Performing Arts. This film evaluated The Remix project (see below).

It is often the case that evaluation films for large projects will be longer than typical promotional films because of the specific purpose it has. Almost always being sent to funders and potential funders, it will likely need to present certain outcomes and tick all the boxes.

The longer length of an evaluation film makes it a less attractive proposition for use on social media. Often Social Media sites will have maximum length limits and also, we know viewers are less likely to watch a 5 minute video than they are a video that's 90 seconds long. So what about all the excellent footage we've gathered when we make the evaluation film? It's ideal for promotion and sharing on social media!

When we produced The Remix evaluation film we also suggested some additional alternative edits better suited for promotion and social media sharing. Because we are working with existing footage that we're familiar with, and often don't need to do any further shooting it is a cost effective way of producing more content for our clients... which makes them happy! Check out the shorter films we made for The Remix below.

Get In Touch

If you are keen for us to work with your organisation to make an evaluation, promotional or social media films then please get in touch and we would be happy to come and meet you for coffee and informal chat! If you want to create regular social media content then Flexi Film is probably for you!