What is a Frame?

Put simply, a frame is one of many still images that make up a moving image. It is also used to refer to the edges of your moving image when you view it through a camera viewfinder or on a screen. 

In other information sheets we have discussed in detail, how moving images are created by taking a series of still images a number of times every second (Frame Rate). These images are then played back a number of times per second (Frame Rate) to create the illusion of a moving image. 

Relating to editing

When editing, we refer to each single still image as a frame. We edit video Clips made up of many frames. Editors are able work with clips on a frame by frame basis. So when editing, if we refer to a frame, we are likely referring to a single image in our edit.

Editing Frame

Relating to shooting

As we mentioned in our opening paragraph, the term frame can also refer to the edges that surround our moving image, the Frame through which we see our video. You are much more likely to hear the word used in this context, when shooting video. We often refer to Framing a shot. This refers to composing the elements of your shot within the frame. 

Shooting Frame