Reviewing footage

Working With Schools

We love working on school projects and we've worked with a few different schools on a few different filmmaking projects, including promotional videos, music videos, and performing arts projects. If you would like us to work with your students on a filmmaking project then we would love to hear from you. We also offer filmmaking workshop days for groups of students that we can tie into your project or extra curricular days.

Shirley Warren Learning Centre

The second video we've made with Shirley Warren Learning Centre. This fantastic school really enjoys its music and singing and are very good at it! In these videos we spend a day with the school. The morning is used to record the students singing. In the afternoon we film with students around the school.

Perins School

Making films for this school has become an annual event and we really enjoy working with staff and students. There is so much creative talent at the school. As usual we worked with Doug from M3 Productions  to story-board and Direct. We are really happy with the results, Elliot has shown he has some excellent DJI Ronin M skills.

Woodlands Community College

For this project the leadership team wanted a film they could use to showcase the school for prospective students and parents. Following our initial meeting with the school we planned and storyboarded our concept, presenting it to the leadership team for their approval. We then spent a couple of days on site working with students and staff to film, gather cutaways and conduct interviews.